Low Testosterone

Low testosterone, or Low T, can develop for a variety of reasons. The occurrence of low testosterone increases each decade of life. Current estimates are that 4 to 5 millions men have been diagnosed with this condition. Low T occurs when your body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, a male hormone produced mainly in the testicles.

Common symptoms of Low T include reduced sex drive and performance, fatigue, irritability or depression. It can also cause a loss of lean body mass and increase abdominal fat and decrease your bone mineral density which can increase your risk for bone related injury.

Testosterone replacement therapy may help counter some of the more serious affects of low testosterone. The are many options available for treatment, including Testim gel, testosterone injections or Testopel, a subcutaneous pellet delivery system for long-acting testosterone therapy.

If you think you may have Low T, make an appointment to discuss your symptoms and treatment options with your doctor.